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  • Economic recession, divine warning to Nigeria's leaders - Cleric

    By Emmanuel Ayungbe UYO - Prelate Isaiah Issong of Believers Assembly of Nigeria, has described the current economic recession and hardship in the country as a divine warning to the nation's leaders. The man of God noted that the nation has gone astray, and God wants to humble the people by visiting ...

  • Field covered in 'spider bum parachutes' is nightmarish but kinda cool

    If the sight of spiders freaks you out, well, just cast your eyes on this massive 30-metre (30 yard) cobweb that was found by Tracey Maris and her daughter on a field in Tauranga, New Zealand on Sunday. "We were down below the newly-made tsunami evacuation mound on our local football ...

  • Srinagar: Militants holed up in Delhi Public School killed in encounter, two Army personnel injured

    Updated 6 hours ago. Image credit: Tauseef Mustafa/AFP Two militants were killed on Sunday in an encounter at Delhi Public School in Jammu and Kashmir's Srinagar. Two Army soldiers were also injured in the gunfight. "The bodies of the two militants have been spotted inside one room from where firing had started," ...

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